The third biomethane station in Czech Republic is now operative

The GasNet Group, the largest gas distributor in Czech Republic, has connected another biomethane production plant to its network: the Horní Suchá Energy Center, in the Silesian Region.

In this initial phase, the Horní Suchá Energy Center supplies approximately 2,000 cubic meters of biomethane per day to the public gas pipeline network. The maximum output of the station is 450 m3 of produced biomethane per hour. 

In Horní Suché, biomethane is mainly produced from biodegradable waste. Residues from the production of food and beverages or residues that are unsuitable for eating, for example due to an expired use-by date, are thus used. 

In the Czech Republic, biomethane is very promising and could replace 10 to 15% of natural gas consumption for heating and road transport by 2030. 

In GreenMeUp Project, Czech Republic is represented by CZ Biom, as a target country.

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