The Project

Green Me Up

GreenMeUp – Green Biomethane Market Uptake is a Horizon Europe project that aims at providing a basis for policy-makers and stakeholders to develop more informed renewable energy policies and country-tailored market uptake measures, in order to improve and complement existing biomethane policy in Europe.

Biomethane in Europe

Its production varies among EU countries: only a limited number of EU Member States have significant deployment rates of biomethane, either because of the differences in biomass types or gas distribution and connection to the grid.

The core activity of GreenMeUp

Is to reduce the gap between countries with higher rates of biomethane production and countries with lower development rates, by analysing and comparing their framework conditions and market dynamics, and promote enabling policies and measures at country level. The project also aims at providing societal acceptance of the biomethane value chains through science-based evidences and tools.


GreenMeUp is carried out by a consortium of:

14 partners

from 10 European Countries including SMEs, research organizations and Biogas associations.

1 August 2022


1.999.058 €


31 July 2025