The scientific and technical work of GreenMeUp is developed through the following activities:

Market dynamics & framework conditions - advanced European and Mission Innovation countries

Analysis and evaluation of the framework conditions and market dynamics of biomethane in 10 European Countries and 5 Mission Innovation countries (USA, Canada, China, Brazil and India).

Market dynamics and framework conditions - target countries

Analysis and evaluation of framework conditions and market dynamics of biomethane in target countries (Greece, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Danube Region), with currently low biomethane production but high market potentials.

Stakeholders engagement

Involvement of all relevant actors representing all the stages of the biomethane value chains, together with societal acceptance of biomethane production through science-based evidence and tools, addressing misperception phenomena from citizens.

Market uptake measures

Design of a set of market uptake policy measures that will complement existing policies and include regulations, financial mechanisms and actions – with the main aim of increasing awareness and improving public acceptance of biogas.


Dissemination and communication activities raising awareness on the project, in particular by giving a strong emphasis on the opportunities that biomethane production can unlock in terms of decarbonization and economic opportunities, together with the engagement of EU and national policy makers, as well as bioCH4 market actors.

Project management

Coordination activities of the project, mainly focused on the proper implementation of its work plan and achievement of objectives, organization of the project meetings, day to day management of the project.